Flagstaff Snow Removal

Flagstaff Snow Removal Services in Flagstaff AZ
Flagstaff Snow Removal Services in Flagstaff AZ

Flagstaff Roof Snow Removal

Authorities from Northern Arizona are issuing warnings to residents that heavy levels of snow could cause roof collapse in response to recent winter storms. Heavy amounts could easily cause this complication.

Roofs and decks in Flagstaff were only designed to handle up to 4 feet of medium density snowfall, leading to several commercial buildings like Hastings Bookstore, Bookmans, and Jay Lively City Ice Rink collapsing during heavy snow years.

Safety First

Flagstaff snow removal can be an extremely dangerous endeavor. Relying solely on yourself to safely navigate a ladder in snowy and icy conditions can be very risky; therefore, hiring professional services to take care of this task is highly advised – both due to being faster, and because they will also take extra precautions such as marking potential trip hazards that could potentially save both time and money down the line.

Heavy snowfall can damage roof shingles, put undue stress on its structure, and lead to leaks inside your home, all at great expense and inconvenience for both you and your family. Unfortunately, professional snow removal services are costly so many opt not to pay someone to remove it for them; but companies specializing in snow removal in Flagstaff offer their services safely and quickly for this job.

Clearing snow off of one’s own roof can be both time-consuming and difficult, due to safety considerations. Ladders designed for sidewalks or driveways often don’t reach far enough up a house roof, and climbing onto it in wintery conditions is always dangerous; one man recently fell through a skylight of a business building and fell 25 feet.

Professional snow removal companies use specialized equipment that is equipped to deal with heavy snowfall in Flagstaff’s winter climate, while at the same time can check your roof condition and remove any signs of stress or damage, and recommend any necessary repairs. Some snow removal services even offer seasonal contracts so they will come by after each major storm to clear it – be sure to inquire first before signing any contracts! Additionally, some companies only clear decks or hot tubs so be sure to ask for clarification beforehand.

Damage to Tiles

Heavy snow buildup on your roof can be unsightly and damaging; it puts undue stress on its structure, leading to leaks in your home, as well as being dangerous when attempted removal with shovels – typically too short to reach its height – or ladders during winter weather can be unsafe.

City officials are warning residents during and following major snowstorms to inspect their structures for signs of damage from extra snow weight. Roofs and decks were originally designed to support 4 feet of medium density snow; however, with more weight from melting/thawing/refreezing processes occurring afterward, roofs or decks may collapse sooner than intended due to additional stress from extra weight of snowfall.

Professional Flagstaff snow removal services provide fast and safe removal of wet, heavy snow from yards, driveways, walkways, stairs, parking lots and landscaping areas quickly and affordably. It’s an affordable and hassle-free service that can keep your property secure this winter – simply answer a few simple questions about your home project to be connected with top-rated local pros who offer quotes, reviews and photos so that you can choose the perfect pro for the task at hand.

Ice Dams

Snow may look beautiful, but if left piled upon your roof it can do serious damage to both it and your house. Heavy loads can lead to ice dams forming; these ridges of ice prevent melting snow from draining off the roof into gutters, leading to water seeping underneath shingles or ripping them off and creating large holes in the roof surface. Left untreated these dams could even rip off or rip off and create large holes which create further havoc for your property.

Ice dams form over the eaves of your house and prevent water from draining away, which can put tremendous weight on that section of roof and allow water to seep under shingles into your home if left to pool under them. Ice dams tend to occur more commonly on northern sides or areas that don’t receive as much sun.

Ice dams can be particularly bothersome to older roofs in need of repair during this winter season in Flagstaff. Our frequent freeze/thaw cycles cause curling and cracking shingles; when heavy, wet snow comes, it may even cause them to collapse under its weight, creating gaps where water may enter your home.

Under extreme snowload conditions in Flagstaff, roofs and decks are at risk of collapsing under their own weight of snowfall. Only four feet of medium density snow is necessary to collapse an otherwise code-compliant roof in Flagstaff; which is why Highwood Construction offers free snow weight/density testing to their customers.

There are three effective solutions for avoiding roof ice dams on your roof: snow removal, insulation of the attic and gutter helmet installation. Implementing any one of these strategies could prevent costly roof repairs next spring and save you from paying a higher roof bill. Complete a few questions online now and connect with top-rated local professionals!


Recent winter storms have dumped multiple inches of snow across parts of Northern Arizona, prompting homeowners to inspect their structures for signs of roof collapses or stress or damage. Coconino County saw particularly heavy amounts of snowfall; locals are being encouraged to check any areas affected for potential roof collapses or signs of stress damage or stress fractures.

Flagstaff requires its equipment to make multiple passes through Flagstaff during snowy winters in order to clear all roads and sidewalks of snow, totalling more than 2,600 miles of travel just to plow all city streets at once. In order to maximize efficiency during this process, the city has prioritized certain streets as first priority areas for plowing.

Flagstaff is an incredible place to live and visit, yet keeping up with the amount of snowfall can be challenging. Hiring a snow removal service will free up time and energy to pursue activities while also taking care of your home’s exterior – for instance clearing away driveways, pathways, and other areas quickly and efficiently.

When selecting a snow removal service in Flagstaff, it’s best to look for one with equipment designed specifically to manage heavy snowfall in your region. Furthermore, inquire whether they provide services other than snow removal like ice damming and roof raking – many companies also provide safe removal of roof snow dams & dams as well as seasonal contracts including services like gutter cleaning & yard cleanup!

Snow removal can be expensive, yet crucially important for the health and safety of both you and your property. Professional snow removal contractors provide peace of mind that your property is in safe hands; to find one easily use the HomeAdvisor app to find local, reliable contractors within seconds – answering a few quick questions will provide access to top-rated contractors in your area.