What is the best outside window cleaner?

What is the best outside window cleaner?

When it comes to keeping our windows clean, we want the best products: anything else might end up scratching or damaging your windows. That is why it pays off to invest in quality products that will keep your windows clean and without a scratch for longer. If you were wondering “what is the best outside window cleaner?“, we are going to help you find out:

Microfiber cloths: A lot of people swear by old shirts, rags or special squeegees but the a microfiber cloth is 100% the best tool you can use to keep your windows clean and scratch free, as they are specifically designed to catch as much grime and dirt as possible without scratching or leaving lint behind. If your windows are small enough that cleaning them with microfiber is not too much of a chore, we would like to recommend a microfiber with a handle such as a California Car Duster.

Invisible glass cleaner: This is one of our favorites because it sprays a very fine mist that will stay there until you wipe it off. It is also not runny nor greasy at all, providing a mess free window cleaning experience !

Cinch glass cleaner: Cinch’s glass cleaner is particularly resilient against grease and it is perfect if you have small kids at home. Not only can it remove grease easily and leave your windows squeaky clean, but it also leaves behind a small invisible film to ensure no more greasy fingerprints will appear in your window.

Hope’s perfect glass: This is a car window cleaner, but hear us out: what’s best to clean your outdoor windows than a car’s window cleaner ? They are engineered to be able to deal even with dirt, mud and dead insects so they are very efficient and they will make your cleaning process fast, smooth and seamless. In addition, this formula is ammonia free which means it won’t smell badly nor damage your windows in the long run !

Sprayway Glass Cleaner: This one doesn’t use a spray, but a foam which is not runny and clings very well to vertical surfaces. It is also an ammonia free formula, which is great if you can’t tolerate strong smells and it won’t damage your windows either !