We Take The Health & Safety of Our Employees and Our Customers Serious.

Pine Country Window Cleaning has implemented several processes and safety precautions in order to keep our employees healthy as well as our customers.

We have daily meetings with our crews and staff to remind them of our new procedures.

  1. All our employees have been provided with face masks.
  2. All employees have been monitoring their health and reporting daily to management.  If they have any sign of a fever or sore throat, then they will not come to work.
  3. We have thinned out our crew sizes to make sure we have less employees in the same truck.
  4. When entering your home or business, we will wear a mask 100% of the time.
  5. When entering your home or business, we will only send in the minimum amount of workers to complete the job.   For instance, we will have one worker outside, while one worker works inside.  Or, we will only send one worker to your home or business.
  6. We DO NOT need to wear gloves because the line of work we are in.  Our hands are in (anti-bacterial soap) soapy water nearly the entire time we are working, so we've asked our employees to scrub their hands a little more each time they dip their window washing mop into their bucket of soapy water.
  7. Our employees have been specifically notified to beware of common touch points to avoid as much as possible.  An example would be a door knob.  We can use a towel or gloves to open it rather than putting our hands on it.
  8. Our employees have been instructed to bring their own lunches and snacks to work each and every day.  This will keep them away from public areas that could be unhealthy.

What can you, our customers, do to help us all stay healthy?

  1. Talk to our office and give us a credit card in advance so our employees in the field do not need to exchange money, or come ask for payment. (Remember to let office know if you want to tip our wonderful workers.)
  2. Be honest with us about your preferences.  If you do not wish us to come into your home and only clean the outside windows, please let us know ahead of time.

The City of Phoenix Trusts Us, You Can Too!

Our company has been hired by The City of Phoenix to sanitize many of their office buildings shortly after COVID19 started in March.


Please call us or email us if you have any questions or concerns. Or simply to schedule a service.

(928) 527-0671

or office@pinecountrywindows.com.

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