Outdoor Christmas Light Installation Flagstaff AZ

Outdoor Christmas Light Installation Company in Flagstaff AZ

Christmas is a time to celebrate, meet up with your loved ones, enjoy tasty dishes, and decorate your house. Covering the outside of your property may be a good opportunity to brighten up the neighborhood and show your Christmas cheer to others. In this guide, we’ll show you some simple tips for outdoor Christmas light installation.

What You’ll Need

– Ladder

– Lighting controls and timer

– Tape measure

– Extension cord

– String lights

Start with planning

Before starting, you should spend time making an overall plan to ensure everything goes well. For instance, make sure to choose a focal point to highlight the unique features of your house. Also, check the shingle flexibility and gutter thickness to decide how you can hang lights properly along the roof-line.

Best Outdoor Christmas Holiday Light Installation Company in Flagstaff AZ
Best Outdoor Christmas Holiday Light Installation Company in Flagstaff AZ

Another important task is to measure all the areas that you plan to hang out the light. This can help you avoid a deficiency of strands and purchase the right number of lights.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Checking the lights

Whether you use old or new lights, do not ignore this step. It is better to see whether they still work on the ground rather than find them busted on the top of the trees or the roof. Also, you need to attach all light clips and ensure they are in the same direction.

Step 2: Installing lights to shingles or shutters

For this task, you need an all-purpose light clip. This tool can be used for any kind of light. It does not matter whether you hang the lights pointing down or up, the key is to ensure they are all in the same direction.

Step 3: Installing lights to shrubs or trees

If you want to hang lights in some trees or plants in the yard, a light-hanging pole can be a good option. This tool is also perfect when you do not want to climb a ladder.

Step 4: Installing lights to railings

For hanging lights to any railings of the deck or front porch, you can use deck clips

Step 5: Setting the timer

Nobody wants to wake up at 4 a.m to find out that all the lights have been not off all night. This would be a nightmare for your utility bills. So, it is better to plug them into a timer. Some devices even come with sensors that could turn on automatically at dusk.

Step 6: Flipping the switch

And everything is done now! Stand back, flip the switch, and enjoy the new appearance of your new house.