Best Residential and Commercial Snow Removal Services Flagstaff AZ

Best Residential and Commercial Snow Removal Services Flagstaff AZ

Commercial and Residential Snow Plowing Removal and Blowing Services for Driveway and sidewalks in Flagstaff AZ
Best Snow Removal Company Flagstaff AZ

Different Types of Snow Removal

Snow brings about some fun activities, but it can also become a nuisance when it interferes with your daily life. Fortunately, snow removal helps clear away the nuisance as long as it is done right and with the proper equipment. Utilizing the best types of snow removal equipment can help you clear the snow with ease and on time. Below are different types of snow removal for commercial and residential surfaces.


Snow clearing or snow removal is removing snow after a snowfall to make movement and normal daily functioning easier. You can remove snow yourself or schedule snow removal services for Flagstaff AZ residents.

Snow removal can be done differently depending on the availability of resources, the magnitude of the task, and your location. The different snow removal types include;

· Snowplowing

· Snow shoveling


Residential and Commercial Snow Plowing SNow Removal Snow Blowing Services for Driveway and sidewalks in Flagstaff AZ
Residential and Commercial Snow Plowing & Snow Removal

The snowplow is the most common tool used in removing snow, especially in large capacity. A snowplow can be a large pickup truck with a permanently attached plow. This plow is common with the Department of Transportation that provides snow removal services for Flagstaff, AZ commercial, residential, and municipal areas.

Trucks are already designed with powerful engines to haul, pull, and push materials. By adding an attachment or two, in this case, the plow, a truck becomes the ideal heavy machinery for snow removal.

If you are new to plowing, snow plowing can seem daunting, for example, how to position the vehicle, how to back drag, how snow plowing works in tight spots, among others. You can choose to struggle until you get it right, or you can hire a professional Flagstaff snow removal expert to help.


1. Read the snowplow’s manual extensively. Different snowplows have varying specifics. Ensure you know and understand your equipment before putting it to work.

2. Ensure you have all the necessary safety equipment ready, such as an ice scraper, lock deicer, a snowplow emergency parts kit, first aid kit, a bag of sand or salt, and a shovel. Warm garments are recommended.

3. Ensure your truck is in good condition.

4. Ensure the snowplow is in good condition as well. Its cutting edge should be as precise as possible.

5. Add a strobe light or backup lights if your vehicle lacks them. This improves visibility for you and oncoming traffic or pedestrians, especially in extremely snowing conditions that hinder visibility.

6. Add ballast to the back of your truck. This is to comply with the federal regulations on rear weight distributions and make your truck stable while plowing.

7. Ensure you finish the job when snowplowing wet snow. Plowing in the evening can be tiring. Unfortunately, if you leave the wet snow halfway plowed, it will possibly freeze overnight, making the job harder.

8. Go layer by layer. Snowplowing is effective for deep snow, but you should be careful not to overload it and the truck.

9. Don’t wait for it to stop snowing before you start plowing. It makes it easier than waiting for the snow to accumulate, and then it becomes tough to plow.

There are varying snowplowing ways, depending on the snow situation and your snowplow model. Below are some of the basics if you are snowplowing ice on your own.

· V-plowing. Select snowplows can retract their blades towards the vehicle in a V-position. This is perfect for the first pass through thick snow.

· Angle plowing. The snowplow blades are positioned either to the truck’s left or right side. It is an excellent position for widening a narrow lane that you just made from the V-positioning. It is also a good position for withdrawing your vehicle safely.

· Scoop plowing. This scoop position is the reverse of the V-position. The snowplow’s blades are turned to resemble an inverted V shape that looks like a scoop. It is great for pushing the snow while controlling and moving it with extra precision. You can push the snow straight ahead for a long distance instead of ordinarily pushing it sideways.

· Straight plowing. It is meant mainly for back dragging snow, typically from the sides of buildings and different structures. Straight plowing is a reasonably simple method in theory, but it requires intense practice. If you cannot perform this, call for professional snow removal services in Flagstaff, AZ. In most cases, these experts are trained to snowplow in every way. The blades are set up straight and lifted above the snow are the truck goes forward. Then they are dropped low to scoop a portion of the snow between them and the truck to ensure it can be dragged back.

Residential and Commercial Snow Blowing and Snow Removal Services for Driveway and sidewalks in Flagstaff AZ
Snow Shoveling Company in Northern Arizona. Flagstaff, Munds Park, Pine Canyon, Forest Highlands


Snow shoveling is a fairly less technical snow removal process. Snow shoveling is mainly done by individuals clearing snow off their walkways and driveways.

You need a huge, light, and strong shovel to be able to shovel as much snow at a given time.

The number one priority in snow shoveling is safety, comfort, and efficiency. Before you begin shoveling, consider the following steps;

· Stretch your body to avoid injury

· Layer up to stay warm

· Prepare to take breaks in between shoveling

· “wax” your shovel blade to make is slippery. This will prevent snow from sticking to the blade.

Always remember to shovel snow that you can handle at one particular time. If the snow is heavy, don’t try to clean right down to the ground with a single scoop. Try skimming the top few inches, then scoop the bottom few inches. This will help you over-lifting and straining your body.


It is advisable to plan how and where you will shovel as you progress. Divide the area into manageable portions and start where there is not excess snow as you progress.

While snow shoveling, it makes more sense not to create large piles right along your driveway’s edges. This is because the snow chunks might tumble back into the driveway, and you will have to remove it twice. You can opt to shovel a reasonable distance away from the pathway or driveway.


· Plastic snow shovel. It is manufactured from high-strength plastic and is designed to be resistant to cold and freezing. It is lightweight and easy to use. The snow slides off the glossy plastic surface, making snow shoveling easy.

· Metal snow shovel. It is made from metals, such as steel, stainless steel, and alloys. It is stronger than the plastic shovel but is heavier and requires extra strength when using it.

· Aluminum snow shovels. They are often the most common types of show shoveling. They are durable and lightweight.

· Ergonomic snow shovel. This ensures that your back is exposed to the least amount of strain possible. It has a bent S-shaped handle that takes the strain off your back when shoveling. An ergonomic snow shovel is recommended for anyone with a back problem, and needless to say, a snow problem.

· Folding snow shovel. It is a good idea always to keep a snow shovel, especially if you live in snow-prone areas. A folding snow shovel is compact and won’t take up much space in your car.

· Push snow shovel. This comes in handy, especially if lifting snow is hard for you. It is partially rounded on the bottom and is designed to push the snow instead of lifting it elsewhere.

SNOW BLOWINGResidential and Commercial Snow Removal Services for Driveway and sidewalks in Flagstaff AZ

It is often done by people who don’t prefer snow shoveling or snow plowing methods. It is primarily done in large driveways and substantial surfaces and people who live in places with long-lasting winters.

A snow blower works similarly to a vacuum cleaner’s blower hose. It removes all loose snow that has not yet been affected. By blowing the loose snow surface from the top of the area, you or any designated individual can easily remove the remaining snow using a shovel or plow.

Snow blowing removes all loose snow to allow you a visual inspection of the underlying snow. This will help you decide whether you need to use rock salt to melt the underlying ice.


You can also use snow removal chemicals, either chlorides or acetates. Acetates are biodegradable and have a low impact on the ecosystem after being washed away from parking lots, driveways, and pathways to soil gardens or water sources.

On the other hand, chlorides are salt-based and more corrosive, making them toxic to organic life. Snow removal experts and environmentalists do not recommend using a chemical in removing snow. They may be marketed as harmless, but there is always an underlying side effect you haven’t experienced.


Snow removal can be an exciting and daunting process. To make it easy and quick, you need high-grade professional equipment like a snowplow to simplify the process. You can rent or purchase a snowplow or hire an expert to provide the services at a fee. Whichever snow removal method you prefer, ensure you exercise safety and keep warm. Alternatively, call for snow removal services for Flagstaff, AZ and have professionals do it in the shortest time possible.